Agavecoon Cattery
Our Mission:

To produce healthy, happy, lovable Maine Coon kittens and cats that will be a very important
part of your household and loads of love to your life.  All our kittens and cats are raised underfoot
and never caged.  They are raised with lots of love and attention, so when you bring them home,
this is what they expect from you.
GC Agavecoon's Phx's
We are a small cattery located in central Kansas.  You are always welcome to come and visit to
meet the gang and get to know the kittens.  The best way to pick a new kitten is to come to our
house and let the kitten pick you.  Come and sit and get to know why Maine Coons Cats are
called the "Gentle Giants" and the "dog lovers cat".

Agavecoon Cattery started their dedication to Maine Coon Cats over 14 years ago.  Our
passion for the breed started years before when we adopted a Maine Coon Cat "wanna be"
from an ad in a local newspaper in the small town where we lived.  We didn't know what we had
until we saw a picture in a cat magazine.  The picture looked just like our precious "Blackie".  
Even though he was not a purebred Maine Coon Cat, he had all the attributes of the Maine
Coons we had read about.  After studying the breed for the next two years we knew we were

We acquired our first purebred boy from a cattery in Germany.  After Ranger's 14 hour plane
ride from Frankfurt to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, it was love at first site for Steve
and I.  Our dream had come true.  Next came the first girls.  After acquiring our first two girls we
were on a roll.  

Our passion for the breed doesn't stop.  We attend cat shows all over the Western United
States whenever time permits and we can never wait for the next show to come to Kansas, Utah
and Colorado.  We love to go to California and Arizona to show the cats whenever we can and
visit with all the great people we have met throughout the years.  If you really want to learn all you
can about the Maine Coon Cat, go to a cat show in your area the first chance you get.  You can
meet all the great Maine Coon Cat owners and exhibitors and meet their beautiful cats.
CH Telecoon's Desert Rose of Agavecoon.  
Rose now lives in Yuma, AZ.
GC Agavecoon's Phx's Beau-Da-Shus enjoys
watching the birds and rabbits in the backyard.  
CH Agavecoon's Ivan the Terrible and his
brother.  Just hours old.
Our first Grand Champion
girl.  Meet GC
Agavecoon's Miss Daisy.  
This is Beau's daughter.  
Rose is her mom.  Miss
Daisy now lives in CO in a
wonderful home!
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