Agavecoon Cattery
Our cats come from Champion, Grand Champion, Regional winning and National winning lines..  We offer Maine
Coon kittens in a wide range of colors and patterns.  All of our breeders are healthy and happy and are given lots of
love and care.  They are treated like pets and have full run of our home.  When the kittens are thirteen weeks old, they
are ready to go to their forever homes and have had their first shots and come with a health guarantee.  Call us for
pricing and availability.  We raise kittens with their health and personality in mind.
Amerrykoon's Angelica of
Agavecoon.  She was one of
our first breeding girls.  She
passed away a few years back.
CH Agavecoon's Ivan the Terrible
He is a beautiful boy who hated the show hall.  He
now lives in Peoria, AZ with a wonderful family and
is spoiled rotten.
CH Zunicoon's Tabatha of Agavecoon

Tabatha was a true lap cat that passed
away suddenly at the age of 7 1/2.  We
miss her terribly.  Rest in peace my
beautiful girl.  I will see you at the
rainbow bridge.

03/07/01 - 09/17/08
GC Agavecoon's Phx's Beau-Da-Shus
Born 12/08/03
Passed 04/21/09

Taken too soon from our arms

I will miss you always my love.  Wait for me
at the Rainbow Bridge.

I will love you forever.
Beau was sent to the Rainbow Bridge in
April, 2009 due to the ravages of cancer.  
He was our very first Grand Champion and
the love of my life.
GC Agavecoon Papillon is a boy of
our own breeding.  He is a  wonderful
Red Classic tabby with white.  He
has been retired from breeding and
will live with us forever.
Myths, legend and lore surround the Maine Coon Cat. Some are amusing, some are fantastic flights of fantasy and some are merely plausible. They certainly provide good material for
conversation. Books and articles dealing with these aspects of the Maine Coon Cat have been well received as people never seem to tire of the subject and are always eager to know
more about this wonderful breed.
The Maine Coon is the native American long haired cat and was recognized as a specific breed in Maine where they were held in
suited to the harsh winters and varied seasons of the region. The Maine Coon is well known for its loving nature, kindly disposition

The Maine Coon has always been admired for its beauty, and a Maine Coon was chosen Best Cat at the first major cat show ever
held in this country. The transition from easygoing farm cat to CFA finalist was not an easy one, nor did it happen quickly. Although
they lost favor and were conspicuously absent from shows for quite a long time, we are now seeing large classes of these beauties
in most cat shows and it is not unusual for a Maine Coon to be named “Best Cat.”

Usually breeders make kittens available between twelve and sixteen weeks of age. After twelve weeks, kittens have had their basic
inoculations and developed the physical and social stability needed for a new environment, showing, or being transported by air.
Keeping such a rare treasure indoors, neutering or spaying and providing acceptable surfaces (e.g. scratching posts) for the natural
behavior of scratching are essential elements for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life.