We encourage owners to feed their new kitten the best food  possible.  Taste of the Wild
and Royal Canin are all good dry foods to keep on hand for your new baby.  Make these
available to your kitten 24 hours a day.  We also give a little bit of wet food twice a day and
we also feed raw meat twice a day.  Always have fresh water available.  
Kittens have a great deal of natural curiosity and may get into things that can hurt them.  This is a guideline for making your home safe for your new kitten:

1.  Kittens start to lose their baby teeth at around 4 months.  They may want to chew on things to ease the pain of teething at this time.  Electrical cords, computer cables and phone
lines are particularly appealing for chewing.  Unplug cords when they are not in use or make sure they are in places that are inaccessible to your kitten.  Kittens can get a nasty burn
from shocks from electrical cords.  They may also develop fluid in the lungs if the shock is severe enough.  Any kitten suspected of receiving an electrical shock should be
examined by a vet to determine the extent of the injury.  

2.  Kittens also like to chew strings, yarn and ribbons.  Do not allow them to play with these unsupervised and put them away where the kitten cannot find them when not in use.  
Kittens may partially swallow a string or ribbon.  Foreign objects in the intestines can cause them to become infected or blocked and result in death if untreated.  Never try to pull out
a partially swallowed string.  If it is suspected that a kitten has swallowed a foreign object take the kitten to the vet for an e-ray to determine if surgery will be needed to remove the

3.  Keep other small objects that may be swallowed such as needles, pins, push pins, thumb tacks and safety pins put away in areas inaccessible to the kitten.  Many milk and juice
cartons have a round plastic disk connected to a pull tab that is used to seal the carton.  These are especially dangerous to cats, as they can lodge in the throat and obstruct
breathing.  Discard them in a trash can inaccessible to your cats.

4.  Do not leave drapery or window blind cords hanging free.  They can be a strangulation hazard.  Tuck them away to discourage the kittens from playing with them.

5.  Many house plants are poisonous to cats.  Consult a list of these plants ( and place any poisonous plants out of the areas where the kittens
will be living.

This is just a few of the things that a new kitten owner should be aware of.  Upon purchase of a kitten from Agavecoon Cattery, a full list of hazards will be given to the new owners.
Proper grooming is a big part in keeping your new kitten happy and healthy.  Weekly brushing will help to keep tangles away.  You can always bath your kitten once in a while to
keep shedding under check.
GC, NW Abizaq B. Valentino of Agavecoon
GC, RW, GP Agavecoon Maximilien
12th Best cat - Region 2  2011-2012
2nd Best of Breed - Region 2  2011-2012
Best of Color - Region 2  2011-2012
Best of Color in CFA  2011-2012
5th Best Kitten in CFA  2008-2009
Best Kitten - Region 4  2008-2009
11th Best Cat - Region 4  2008-2009
Best of Breed - Region 4  2008-2009
Best of Color - Region 4  2008-2009
GC, NW Maine Lvrs Charlie Brown of Agavecoon
5th Best Cat - Region 2  2012-2013
Best of Breed - Region 2  2012/2013
Best of Color - Region 2  2012-2013
7th Best Cat in CFA  2013-2014
2nd Best of Breed in CFA  2013-2014
Best of Color in CFA  2013-2014
2nd Best Cat - Region 2  2013-2014
Best of Breed - Region 2  2013-2014
Best of Color - Region 2  2013-2014